Health benefits of turmeric


Turmeric, just like every other root plant belongs to the ginger family of Zingiberaceae. For decades, turmeric has been used in numerous ways.

Turmeric, whose botanical name is curcuma longa, is a common cooking ingredient in Middle Eastern  and Southeast Asia. It is also an ingredient for holistic medicine and its colouring is often used in cosmetic industries.

Over 100 amazing chemical compounds are contained in turmeric; enabling it to be a remedy for various ailments, ranging from mild stomach aches to severe respiratory diseases. Turmeric has in abundance, a polyphenol substance named curcumin. Polyphenols are organic compounds that have been proven to contain anti-inflammatory properties.

They are present in various foods and beverages; in different forms.  In green tea, polyphenol are present as epigallocatechin; in chill pepper as capsaicin and in fresh peanuts and red wine as resveratrol.

Curcumin is the reason for the lovely yellow-orange colour possessed by turmeric roots. Also contained in turmeric is a group of chemical compounds called curcuminods; which comprises of curcumin, demothoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin.

Phytochemicals are also contents of turmeric. These are plant compounds which occur naturally. They assist in the development of healthy functioning calls, organs and tissues. Phytochemical compounds are made up of anti-inflammatory agents, analgesics, antioxidants, preservatives and health promoting derivatives.

The powerful phenols which are in the flesh of turmeric assists to combat germs, bacteria, and viruses; as well as supporting digestive processes, sustaining immunity, boosts energy, maximize metabolic functioning, blood disinfection, blood sugar control and improve mental processes.

Furthermore, turmeric contains volatile oils, such as tumeron, zingiberene and artumerone. The root of turmeric has natural oils, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, and phytochemicals. The combination of all these ingredients explains the potency of turmeric to remedy diseases affecting various parts of the body.



Digestion process in the human body can be easily disrupted; owing to the many organs and functions involved and lack of the adequate vitamins and minerals that supports these organs and functions. The digestive system comprises of many components which work in different ways, but with the general purpose of processing consumed food.

The process begins from the saliva in the mouth – which dissolves the food, to the muscle movement of the esophagus – which drags the food into the intestines, to the release of bile by the gall bladder – which is responsible for the breaking down of food; the digestion
process is very much complex.

Thus, the enzymes and acids needed for proper performance of digestion are generated only when adequate quantities of the needed nutrients are provided in diets. Since it is quite stressful to stick to a squeaky-clean dietary of vegetables, grains, lean meat and whole fruits which provides these needed nutrients; it is therefore relieving to discover that all of these nutrients can also be gotten from turmeric.

Turmeric blend of vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidant serves the clear-cut nutrient ion required by the digestive system to aids enzymatic reactions, muscles movements, acid reaction and optimal nutrient absorption. Addition of 1 tablespoon of grated, powdered or liquid turmeric extract to one of your meals every day will go a long way in promoting optimal digestion.


The liver is tasked with the tedious responsibility of the sanitization of body pollutants, irritants and toxins in the body fluids. The function of the living in sustaining the body’s immune system cannot be overemphasized. These toxic in the body can be as a result of environment, diet and other factors.

If the liver loses its capacity to properly carry out its functions, the consequences to the entire body system and also the mind are highly dangerous.

As such, it is paramount to take advantage of the beneficial purposes of turmeric as regards prevention and reversal of damages, and general improvement of the body system.

When the liver is functioning properly, the body is free from the production of harmful free radicals that spreads throughout the body system via tissues and blood stream; thereby causing the body to thrive.

The detoxifying phytochemicals of turmeric like curcumin, serves as potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents thus cleansing the liver and the entire body system.


The America cancer society estimated that one out of four deaths can be attributed to cancer. Cancer types are over 100 and the percentage of their attacks per year is quite terrifying.

As attested by pharmaceutical companies, chemotherapy products can be effectual in combating cancer; however their side effects are much.

Owing to that fact, the natural remedies community has sought to discover natural alternatives that can prevent the occurrence and also completely destroy cancerous cells. Turmeric has been proven to be one of such natural remedies.

Chronic inflammation is a common cause that contributes to the occurrence of cancer. Turmeric helps to combat this disease and increases the body’s capacity to fight against the spread of these cancerous cells.

Its potency and astounding results is accredited to the antioxidant present in it; which supports the body’s natural immunity to oxidative changes.

After an intensive study, the memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center has deemed it fit to assert that turmeric is ‘one of the most effectual cancer combatants’.

Just 1 tablespoon of this natural herb per day, can excellently help to keep your body and mind clear of cancer.


Every process that you can think of that takes place in the body and the brain is ascribed to the involvement of hormones. These hormones progress through the body easily and are necessary to sustain all functions undertaken in the human body.

Digestion, sleep, nervous function, muscle contraction are all carried out by certain interactions of hormones.

The significance of hormones in the activities of the body makes it essential to have a balanced hormone level. Although diet and lifestyle are factors that influence the production and regulation of hormones, but certain times, genetics and mutations can cause the disruption of hormones.

While drugs can be very effectual in restoring hormonal balance, their side effects can be dangerous; therefore, the medical communities have suggested the use of natural remedies such as turmeric that are effectual, without synthesis.


Alzheimer disease has been found to affect about 44 million people in the world. The disease is damaging to the body as it stops functioning neurons.

It also eats existing brain tissue and causes a total disorganization of the nervous system. The cause and control of this ailment is yet to be unraveled, despite the various researches that have been carried out.

Although it has been revealed that the use of synthetic additives (either in food ingredients or storage containers) aggravates the condition; still only few preventive and curative measures have been initiated.

However, scientific studies have revealed that natural phytochemicals such as curcumin have a higher tendency to attempt the management of this disease.

This is due to the fact that medicinal therapies are most times hindered by the blood-brain barrier (sensitive block which separates the circulation of blood from brain fluids in the nervous system) from delivering caustic drugs to the particular brain sites affected by Alzheimer.

Turmeric on the other hand allows the absorption of curcumin into the blood, thereby getting access into the particular site of that that needs it.

Curcumin in turmeric fights against inflammation and infection, as well as protein deposits and nervous system breakdown. It eradicates the hazardous protein deposits which contribute to brain depletion that is associated with Alzheimer.

A teaspoon of turmeric root per day; grated fresh, powdered form, mixed into meals, smoothies or as a simple elixir can help combat Alzheimer’s disease naturally and delectably.


It is generally known that excess fat is dangerous to the body. In order for the body to perform functions involved in burning fats, specific nutrients are required.

Contrary to the view that most people have about fat burning, the process is tedious and complex; as it involves many organs of the body.

But here is a great news “Turmeric enables a simpler and more efficient fat burning process”. When either turmeric, turmeric supplements (which contains curcumin), or turmeric root is added to day-to-day diet, the necessities needed for adequate performance of each fat burning process are delivered through the blood stream. This aids an improved functionality of the systems involved.

The enhancement of this system allows proper digestion of food, balanced bile production, an easy feeling after meals, high energy level and higher calorie-burn rates.

Turmeric’s blend of vital vitamins, enriched minerals and powerful phytochemicals affords the body an optimized and efficient fat burning process. Unlike some other natural remedies, turmeric has a delicious taste that can maximize flavor and stimulate fat burn.

Thus, if you’re hoping to lose fat without the pills, potions, herbal mixtures with repugnant taste; opt for the natural bouts of turmeric.

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